Selling Your Home

You can always count on me to carefully guide you through the selling process. I take special care of the heavy lifting and the small details, while constantly keeping an eye out for what's ahead.

Speaking of what's ahead, below I break down the four stages of our plans to sell your home. These aren't one-size-fits all, but general guidelines for the personalized strategizing and service you will experience in our working together:


Listen and understand why you want to sell your home: Dreams, goals, and practical reasons. Where you want to move, and the timeline we follow. Your initial questions, concerns, and expectations.

Recognize and determine your home’s value - highlighting its features, and reviewing how it compares to neighboring properties in the current market conditions. Make careful consideration for needed improvements, if any. Establish your home’s advantages to learn who its best possible buyers are.

Stage 2: PREPARE

Create a staging design, and ensure any predetermined improvements are complete. Schedule photography and compile any additional needed info for media and marketing. Set strategies for social media, broker networks, advertising opportunities, and showings / open houses. 

Set our go-to-market date, and finish any pending documentation and operational tasks. Consider “coming soon” pre-introduction and messaging. Touch base with all stakeholders in the days prior to launch, to inspire us toward success and see that we are all in sync.

Stage 3: LAUNCH

We’re now on the market and implementing all the above plans, and showing your home to qualified buyers. Continually monitor interest and seek feedback and respond accordingly. Stay in frequent communication with you and provide timely progress updates.

Receive written offers and consider their strengths and opportunities. Work together to determine who we engage, how we negotiate, and if we’re ready to move forward / accept.

Stage 4: LANDING

You’ve agreed to an offer and we open escrow! Complete all disclosure forms, transactional documents, and contractual duties. Don’t worry, I guide you through all of this, connecting you with resources and keeping you on track to your move date… Then we close escrow, and you celebrate the start of your next chapter.

Even after your new chapter begins, I’ll stay in touch and check in with you to see how things are going. And if you ever need anything, please reach out to me and I’ll be there.