Buying a Home

It may be your life's biggest financial investment, and I know it's definitely personal. I'm here for you to make your experience more understandable, enjoyable, time efficient, and cost effective. I'll also connect you with resources and partnerships to help with the process. 

The exact process is tailored to you and your goals. But here is an outline what you can expect and what services I'll provide in purchasing your next home:

Stage 1: CREATE

Determine your vision for your new home and its location, by listening to your dreams & goals and asking questions: Where do you want to live? What areas and what kinds of homes? What are your must-haves and deal-breakers? 

Set our timelines and parameters. Discuss who are your best service providers and create partnerships with them. 

Stage 2: PREPARE

Review your potential next home destinations, their market conditions, and make sure they are aligned with your possibilities. Initiate partnerships with the best service providers.

Obtain approval letter from mortgage lender. Research MLS, connect with local agents, and broker networks, and provide you information on potential homes that you love and ensure they meet your criteria. 

Stage 3: LOCATE

Attend open houses and privately tour the homes you choose from. Discuss the possibilities, and weigh their strengths, opportunities, and any apparent compromises to consider. Select from the ideal candidates to present your offer. 

Submit a presentation that highlights your advantages as a buyer. Work together to negotiate the offer, terms, and any counteroffers that develop after we engage.

Stage 4: PERFORM

We have a deal! Open escrow by delivering the initial deposit and executed contract. Notify lender and order appraisal. Order home inspections, review Seller disclosures, and sign escrow documents. Complete contractual obligations and remove our contingencies. 

Review inspection reports and choose what found issues to address, if any. Schedule final walkthrough. Receive closing statement, and schedule signing of closing documents and release of funds. Record that deed, give you your keys, and celebrate your new home!

From there, I’ll check in to see how you’re doing. And as always, if you need anything or have any questions, please ask! I’ll be there to help.